We test new hardware and software related to crypto mining and the crypto industry in general.

  • Mining Hardware
  • Mining Software
  • Crypto Exchanges
  • Crypto Wallets
    • Software Wallets
    • Hardware Wallets
  • Seed Storage Solutions

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Unbiased Information

All information on MinerWarz.com is provided in as unbiased and transparent a manner as possible. We may be customers of some of products that we review. Some products are provided at no cost for review. Other reviews may be done for compensation. Even when paid for a review, we will provide our actual thoughts and feedback about the product whether they be positive or negative.

Always Updating

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly changing. As such, our review process will be to add products to the site as quickly as possible and add information as it becomes available. We generally start with a simple description of the product and will add review and performance information as we spend more time studying each product.